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American Physician Housecalls

Contact Name: Eric Butler

American Physician Housecalls, (APH), is a Dallas-based, Physician housecall practice providing primary health care services to Medicare patients in their home, senior apartment, assisted living, or congregated-living area.  Our team of healthcare professionals utilize state of the art technology to bring not only EMR (electronic medical records), but medical and diagnostic testing to the comfort and convenience of the patients home. 


Here are just a few of our services that we provide to our patients:


Primary Care and Hospital Transition Care Examinations and Assessments Available:

  1. Comprehensive Review of Medical History
  2. Thorough Physical Examination
  3. Medication Evaluation and Management
  4. Geriatric Psychology Assessment
  5. Neuro-Psychological Assessment
  6. Fall Risk Assessment
  7. Home Safety Evaluation

Specialized Services and Diagnostic Testing Available:

  1. Podiatry
  2. In-home Ventilator
  3. In-home Infusion Therapy
  4. Advanced Wound Care including Debridement and Wound Vac
  5. X-ray
  6. EKG
  7. Holter Monitor
  8. Echocardiogram
  9. Pulse Oximeter Testing
  10. Pulmonary Function Test
  11. Comprehensive Laboratory Services
  12.  In-home Sleep Study

3100 McKinnon St Suite 400
Dallas Texas, United States

Phone: 214-754-8700

Fax: 214-466-7327


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