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Physician Jobs In Australia

Beat Medical is a medical recruitment agency which places doctors in permanent and locum jobs all over Australia. Beat Medical specializes in intensive care, general practice, emergency and anesthetics.

Beat Medical helps Canadian physicians overcome the many administrative, bureaucratic and logistical obstacles which stand between them and doctors jobs in Australia. We provide assistance in all facets of the transition including;

 - Identifying suitable jobs, and exposing you to the many 'hidden' jobs in the marketplace
 - Helping with job application to give you the best shot at your dream job
 - Negotiating contracts and pay - we know what our doctors are worth and fight hard on their behalf
 - Helping you find a place to live, and other necessities when you move to Australia
 - Organizing the appropriate working visa
 - Undertaking the process of getting your qualifications recognized
 - Making sure you have the applicable medical registration.

Beat Medical provides a range of resources on their Website to help answer any questions you might have about working in Australia as a doctor.

Specialist Doctors and General Practitioners In Australia

Any doctor wishing to practice in Australia - whether they are General Practitioners or Specialists - must have their qualifications properly recognized and hold the correct working visa before commencing work. Those qualified in Canada or the United States may be eligible for full recognition as a fellow. Doctors with qualifications from the United Kingdom and Ireland may also be eligible, but those from other systems may only be eligible for partial recognition.

Beat Medical can help you navigate through all the administrative tasks required to ensure proper accreditation, and will liaise on your behalf with the numerous professional bodies and departments.

Doctors Pay In Australia

While salaries obviously vary between types of consultant specialists, salaries in Australia will also vary between states. On average, a Staff Specialist might expect to earn over AUD $200k per year, or AUD $300k per year for a Visiting Medical Officer.

General practitioners in Australia are paid on a “fee-for-service” basis. On average they earn between AUD $150,000 and $300,000 per annum, but in regional areas this could be as high as AUD $800k for an experienced GP.

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