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Plexus Medical Recruitment

Contact Name: Trish Hay

Medical Recruitment Agency - Doctors

Plexus Holds a unique place in the recruitment market. Our team consists mostly of health professionals who have migrated to Australia and who can draw on their own firsthand experiences in providing expert advice; Australian/New Zealand health professionals who have the local knowledge of employment conditions providing superior candidate/position matching and are experts in the complexity of employing doctors and nurses from overseas, guiding our candidates through the maze of the necessary paperwork.

Plexus Nursing Recruitment

Plexus Nursing Recruitment provides a free recruitment service for overseas nurses who are seeking healthcare jobs in Australia and New Zealand.

If you live abroad in the UK, USA, Canada, Austria, Germany, Singapore, or Western Europe or have nursing experience in any of these countries then Plexus can help you find your ideal healthcare job.

Plexus has a unique place in healthcare recruitment because every staff member has extensive experience in the Australian Healthcare industry in both clinical and recruitment roles which enables and assists us in sourcing nurses from overseas to fill the large number of vacancies in Australia and New Zealand. Most of the Plexus team have actually immigrated to Australia, so we understand the ups and downs of the process from both the sides of the equation.

We have already fought our way through the paperwork so you don't have to - sit back and let us do the hard work.

PO Box 162 Canterbury VIC
Hawthorn Victoria, Australia

Phone: 03 9836 0655

Fax: 03 9011 9717


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