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Cirrus Consulting Group

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Being an integral part of your chosen profession, a medical practice is also a business. And every successful business requires on-going decisions and operating procedures that are intended to ensure efficiencies, ease of delivery and profitability over many years.

Whether you want to open a single practice office, a collaborative care practice with colleagues, or expand/move your existing practice, necessary decisions such as picking the right location, designing/building the space, hiring the right staff, choosing the right equipment, and managing the move are not easy tasks.

These decisions are followed by rental structure, occupancy cost obligations, and other factors that must be considered to make the “economics work.”

With the help of Cirrus Consulting Group, you can be sure you are making the best decisions for success. Cirrus will customize our services for the specific needs of your practice. Our services include, but are certainly not limited to: 

  • Practice site selection
  • Securing financial subsidies packages to build out your clinic with ongoing rental support
  • Medical clinic design
  • Clinic project management
  • Equipment selection
  • Technology selection
  • Move management

We look forward to managing these details for you so that you and your team can get on with doing what you love…practicing medicine.

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Toronto Ontario, Canada
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