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POSITION TITLE: Physician (Primary Care/Internal Medicine preferred)

REPORTS TO: Executive Director


SUPERVISES: All clinic personnel including, MDs, NPs, PAs, CNAs, Clinical Social Workers, Herbalists, Acupuncturists, Front Desk Personnel and Interpreters

SCHEDULE: Full-time preferred


  The position also provides comprehensive, coordinated, primary and preventive health care services along with complementary medical services to a diverse & underserved patient population in a free clinic started in the wake of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans.  The clinic has evolved into a Patient Centered Medical Home and is recognized by the National Committee on Quality Assurance (NCQA) as a Level III site. 

The position would likely entail 80% clinical and 20% administrative time. 


1) Delivers direct primary medical care consistent with the highest standards.

2) Works collaboratively on the development, implementation and maintenance of clinic quality improvement programs.

3) Works collaboratively on the development, implementation and/or approval of emergency, treatment, and preventive protocols.

4) Provides some supervision for medical staff including selecting, orienting, training, coaching, mentoring, disciplining, and performing timely performance reviews.

5) Conducts medical chart reviews/chart audits.

6) Participates in resolution of patient grievances regarding clinic operations and staff and peer reviews.

 7) Participates in the development and assessment of clinic plans and program goals providing input into the budget development process as needed.

 8) Assures compliance with requirements set forth by any grants or potential FQHC LAL requirements.

 9) Works in conjunction with administration, the credentialing and re-credentialing of clinic staff.

10) Represents CGHC to the Board of Directors, other agencies, medical groups, institutions, and the community as necessary.

12) Attends staff meetings, in-service meetings, Board of Directors’ meetings, and Undoing Racism trainings as required.

13) Performs other duties as assigned.



Education, License, and Experience

• Doctoral degree (MD or DO).

• License to practice in the state of Louisiana or ability to obtain a license in Louisiana.

• Valid DEA Certificate.

• Two or more years experience in an outpatient health clinic setting. Experience in a community health center setting working with underserved populations preferred.

• Board certified or board eligible in Family Practice or Internal Medicine.

• Demonstrated experience developing and implementing quality improvement programs.

• Experience with managed care, administration of programs, and staff supervision.

• Demonstrated experience with Electronic Health Records.


Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

• Knowledge of federal, state, and other applicable standards for clinical practice.

• Outstanding written and verbal communication skills.

• Ability to make patient related medical decisions on an hourly/daily basis.

• Ability to provide leadership/guidance in a supervisory role and the flexibility to function as a team member at the management level.

• Excellent managerial & supervisory skills with the ability to plan/organize and follow through in a timely manner.

• Demonstrated ability to work with automated systems, including electronic health records (we use Allscripts EMR) and MS Office products such as Word, Excel and Outlook.

• Ability to work collaboratively with diverse individuals and situations, including strong problem solving and conflict resolution skills.

• Excellent innovation skills; requires development of new protocols, policies, and procedures for clinic function.

• Proven understanding of quality improvement initiatives and collaborative.

• Experience dealing with underserved populations and cultural competency.  Spanish language skills are helpful but not essential.

• Ability to understand and respond appropriately, effectively, and sensitively to special population groups served by CGHC. Special population groups include those defined by race, ethnicity, language, age, sex, sexual orientation, economic standing, etc.

• Ability to travel for training, collaboration with other organizations & agencies and to other areas of community as necessary.


New Orleans Louisiana, United States

Phone: 504-365-8800

Fax: 504-368-9836


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