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MDSEARCH™ for Prospective Clients

Since 1999 the MDSEARCH™ team has been successfully recruiting health professionals and executive level managers both throughout Canada and globally. In 2005, MDSEARCH managing partners led Canada's fastest growing health care company (Profit Magazine™).

Having recruited Family Physicians, Specialist Physicians, Physiotherapists, Psychologists, Chiropractors, Podiatrists, Registered Dieticians and numerous other health professionals; the MDSEARCH Team understands how to effectively and efficiently place high-level medical practitioners.

We invite you to partner with us.

MDSEARCH™ is a new kind of health care recruitment solutions provider.

We think beyond traditional search methodology and focus on direct, face-to-face physician interaction. With a database of over 60,000 prospective candidates, we search both domestically and globally to find you the perfect physician for your organization. MDSEARCH™ creates a hands-on, personalized relationship with all physician candidates. This is accomplished by spending considerable time developing a clear understanding of the physician’s requirements and longer-term goals from a professional, financial, geographic and personal prospective.

MDSEARCH™ for Physicians

MDSEARCH™ works to place you, the prospective physician, in the most desired of occupational settings.

We mitigate the requirement to research numerous employment options by providing an individualized employment prospectus based on your specific professional, financial, geographic and personal requirements. By constantly liaising with hospitals, municipalities and medical practices throughout Canada - we represent your best interests and can maximize the benefits provided to you including wage, tuition reimbursement, housing/car allowance, health benefits package, partnership opportunities, non-traditional perks, ancillary billing options and signing bonus.

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