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Does your organisation need advice and expertise in recruiting the right medical personnel?

Do you need a new job? Are you looking for a change of lifestyle, country or both? Give your Medical Career and life a boost! Contact us for advice and options in New Zealand and Australia.

We have considerable industry experience and expertise at Samos Consulting. Collectively we have a number of years experience working for the Medical Council of New Zealand (MCNZ) and in medical recruitment successfully placing medical professionals in New Zealand and providing consulting services to organisations within the health and related services sectors in New Zealand and Australia.

We have considerable expertise in assessing the qualifications, training and experience of medical practitioners and detailed knowledge of immigration and the MCNZ registration/licensing and processes.

Our expertise along with our sector contacts (particularly with the New Zealand Immigration Service, MCNZ and Medical & Surgical Colleges) and qualifications in health policy, human resource management, biological science, nursing and law brings together a blend of skills and knowledge that is difficult to beat. We bring all of that experience and expertise together in matching candidates and employers and providing you with an unrivalled level of service.

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