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Yummy Mummy

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At Yummy Mummy we bring to you a range of top rated breast pumps.
Discover known brands and enhance your decision making process by checking 
out the best breast pumps you need to elevate the experience called ‘Motherhood’. 
We deal in reputed breast pump manufacturers such as Amega, Hygeia, and Medela. 
You not only get the breast pumping systems, but also can buy a complete kit that 
comprises of the built-in pump, battery pack, cooler bag, and bottle holders. 
The 2-phase Expression Technology in Medela breast pumping systems mimics the 
two phases of the natural breastfeeding rhythm of babies. You can even set the pump 
rate through its accessible single knob speed control. All parts that touch the breast milk
 is made of 100% non-BPA plastic parts for safety. Such travel kits are ideal if you are going 
out for a holiday and want to ensure the best quality availability of breast milk for your little

1751 2nd Ave
Abbeville Alabama, United States

Phone: (212) 819-8669