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Gateway Alliance Medical

Contact Name: Nivas Juggernath

We are a multidisciplinary clinic who believe in medical anvancement in care. With different health care providers, we are able to provide a patient a more complete range of care. We offer the services of family physicians that work intimately with a chiropractor, child psychologist, adult psychologist, neuropsychologist and a fitness and nutrition consultant. We offer special after hours clinics which include: 1. Asthma/ COPD clinics: spirometry testing and analysis 2. Minor surgical clinic 3. Men's Health Clinic 4. Dementia Clinic 5. Problem based learning sessions within the clinic for our individual learning. We are affiliated with several community groups including: 1. Regina Thunder Football Club 2. Red Sox Baseball club 3. Regina Minor Football 4. Notes Dame 5. Thomas' Circle of Care 6. Ranch Erlo We are a group of interactive health care provides that work with each other for the benefit of our best possible patient care. We are looking for young, vibrant physicians who are eager to be active in the process of active patient care and learning with us.

4661 Rae Street
Regina Saskatchewan, Canada

Phone: 3065016461

Fax: 3067794262