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Aesthetic Medical Solutions

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Aesthetic Medical Solutions LLC is the provider of cosmetic medical services to the cruise industry. In addition to recruiting medical personnel to work on board cruise ships, Aesthetic Medical Solutions provides product and procedural training to all medical staff in order to ensure the highest quality in aesthetic and clinical outcomes. All Medi-Spa Physicians placed on the cruise ships are certified by Aesthetic Medical Solutions.

Aesthetic Medical Solutions is working together with Steiner Leisure Limited to create, manage and operate its Medi-Spa business. Steiner Leisure is the commanding leader in cruise ship spa operations. Steiner's Maritime and Resort Spa divisions operate in over 175 venues on land and at sea. Dr. Brad Herman, a board-certified plastic surgeon, is the Medical Director of the Medi-Spa Program. For more information on Steiner, please visit:

770 South Dixie Highway Suite 200
Miami Florida, United States

Phone: 305-284-1482

Fax: 305-372-9310